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10 Best Medicines for Head Cold 2018

Medical professionals keep telling us a head cold is common but when we have one, it feels like anything but. Despite the fact that they are treatable at home, usually last no more than 7 days, and are certainly not life-threatening, they make the millions of people each

10 Best Cold Medicines for Adults 2018

According to recent statistics, an average person will develop a cold three times in a year. So if you haven’t had a cold in the last four months, it’s very likely that there’s an episode on the way. While it’s nothing major, the common cold can be

10 Best Over the Counter Medicines for Sinus Infection 2018

If you are struggling with a stuffy or a runny nose, pain across your face, and extensive congestion, you might be dealing with a bad case of sinusitis. Don’t worry, though – a sinus infection isn’t anything that could seriously threaten your health. It can, however, be

10 Best Teas for a Cold 2018

If you’ve ever had to soldier through a cold all while trying to get through your daily responsibilities, then you already know how difficult it can be. So, it’s not unlikely that you reach for cold medicine when you feel under the weather. However, there is an

10 Best Medicines for Chest Cold 2018

If you’ve ever had a chest cold, you probably felt that the coughing, wheezing, and labored breathing were too much to bear. Otherwise known as ‘bronchitis’, a chest cold is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the bronchi, which are basically airways in the lungs. This

10 Best Medicines for Sinus Cold 2018

If symptoms like sinus congestion, headaches, and sinus pain persist after other symptoms of your cold or flu have gone, it’s probably sinusitis. Otherwise called a sinus cold, sinusitis is a condition that develops after a cold or flu, with the virus causing inflammation and irritation to

10 Best Cold Medicines 2018

Do you have a case of the sniffles? Otherwise called the ‘common cold’, this particular condition occurs very frequently. On average, people develop a cold at least three times in a year, and while it doesn’t really threaten our health, it can be very inconvenient to deal

10 Best Decongestants for Cold 2018

If you’re currently suffering from a case of the common cold, a congested sinus isn’t likely to be far behind. When you catch a cold, your body works double time to eject the virus out of your system. That’s why it produces more mucus than usual in

10 Best Medicines for Runny Nose 2018

Runny noses are annoying. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid in school, a grown-up at work, or an athlete trying to get a solid night’s rest before a game, a runny nose interferes with all that is good and right. Whether it’s running because you

10 Best Cold Medicines for Kids 2018

If you’ve ever had to watch your child struggle through a cold, you probably already know how difficult it can be to see them in such a bad condition. Many parents often feel helpless when their kids get sick, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can