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10 Best Cough Drops for Sore Throat 2018

If you’ve developed a nasty cough or got a case of the common cold, it’s likely that you’ve also got a sore throat. Anyone can deal with a runny nose and a cough, but when that discomfort starts to settle when you swallow, you know you’re going

6 Best Cough Syrups for Kids 2018

For many people, fall and winter are favorite times of the year. The trees are lovely, there are fewer bugs and mosquitos to contend with and who doesn’t love football season? But then there are the colds and flu that go along with fall and winter and

10 Best Medicines for Sore Throat and Cough 2018

If you have a bad case of the cough, it’s possible that you also develop a sore throat. That of course, is if you don’t already have one. Because the coughing reflex can scar and irritate throat tissues, sore throat is often inevitable in the presence of

10 Best Cough Drops 2018

Whether you’ve recently developed a painfully sore throat or if you simply want something to keep your mouth from going dry, a packet of cough drops should help satisfy your needs. Seen by many as “enhanced” candy, cough drops are consumed by millions of people every day

10 Best Cough Suppressants 2018

A bad case of the cough can be more than enough to sidetrack anyone. It’s difficult to get anything done if you have a nasty cough constantly taking away your concentration. So if you’ve recently developed a coughing episode, then you know exactly how this feels. Coughs

10 Best Cough Medicines for Kids 2018

No parent wants to watch their child struggling with a cough. It’s heartbreaking to see your little one barely manage to get through the day due to a bad coughing episode and while it can make you feel very helpless, there are some things you can do

10 Best Cough Syrups 2018

Have you ever had to deal with a persistent cough? Developing one can take a lot away from your energy. With every cough, your body exerts a lot of effort. Add in the fact that it can compromise your breathing; it becomes easy to assume that coughing

6 Best Medicines for Dry Cough 2018

‘Tis almost the season……that crisp nip appears in the air, leaves begin to turn, we pull out our sweaters.  And then – it happens. We start to cough. And cough and cough and cough. Whether a result of colds, flu, dry air, allergens or irritants, coughs can

10 Best Cough Medicines for Adults 2018

A nasty cough can completely drain you of energy and if you’ve ever had to navigate through the day while managing a cough, it’s likely that you felt significantly more tired at the end of the day than usual. This is because a cough is a symptom