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10 Best Laxative Pills 2018

Struggling with an episode of constipation? As our bodies’ natural method of waste and toxin removal, bowel movements make it possible for a large number of our other bodily functions to power through without a problem. So the inability to achieve healthy, normal bowel movements can take

10 Best Laxative Teas 2018

Suffering from an episode of constipation? Difficulty passing stool can cause major discomfort, sapping you of energy and causing intermittent abdominal pain. However, if you thought that was the worst of it, more dangers are lurking behind that constipation problem. In more severe cases, stool can clog

8 Best Littmann Stethoscopes 2018

As a health professional, you need to have the right tools to help assess, monitor, and diagnose your patients. This includes all the essentials you need to keep track of their vital signs, like the humble stethoscope. Finding its place as a daily necessity for health care

10 Best Thermometers for Adults 2018

Are you feeling a little out of sorts? If so, you might need to pull out the thermometer. As one of the four main vital signs, your body temperature can measure the severity of illness and the efficacy of any treatment you might be taking. So there

10 Best Water Pills 2018

Whether you are trying to manage a medical condition or simply hoping to get rid of that bloated feeling, you could greatly benefit from the use of water pills. An effective water pill can make it possible for you to maintain blood pressure, reduce bloating, and even

10 Best Ear Thermometers 2018

Taking temperature via the inner ear is one of the most reliable methods for temperature measurement available. That’s because readings captured inside the ear more closely reflect actual internal body temperature. It’s also much less invasive than other internal temperature taking methods that like rectal and oral,

10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints 2018

Recognized worldwide as the leading cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the plantar fascia – a thin, flat band of connective tissue that extends from your heels to your toes. Often, plantar fasciitis is caused by injury, but sometimes it can develop

10 Best Bunion Splints 2018

Big, bulging, badly aligned bunions can be a very unappealing sight to behold. Medically, the condition is called hallux valgus, and is characterized by the biggest toe leaning against the second toe, pushing the first metatarsal bone out sideways along the medial border of the foot. While

10 Best Nebulizers 2018

A nebulizer is a medication delivery device that’s commonly used to administer drugs through inhalation. The medication is fed into the nebulizer in the form of a liquid, and the machine then turns this into a fine mist that makes it ideal for addressing respiratory disease and

10 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators 2018

Portable oxygen concentrators are a mainstay in the treatment procedures for many different conditions. These machines generate oxygen and deliver it to users via a tube. For the elderly or for people with respiratory disease, these machines are something of an essential and in some instances, need