10 Best Full Face CPAP Masks 2018

If you use a CPAP machine, you probably already understand the difficulties of sleeping with a CPAP mask on. For users who move around a lot when they sleep, a CPAP mask can easily come off anytime during the night. So for those who risk having their masks come off while they sleep, a full face CPAP mask should be the solution.

These full coverage masks encompass the entire mouth and nose to provide a secure fit that won’t come off even for the roughest of sleepers. So if you’re in the market for a reliable mask that will stay in place throughout the night, the best full face CPAP mask should be the answer to your needs.

Top 10 Full Face CPAP Masks Ultimate Table

PictureNameWith Forehead PadPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWith Forehead PadPriceRating (1-5)
1. Respironics Amara Full Face Mask w/ Reduced Size Frame - Large - 1090227Yes$$$4.5
2. Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Cushion (Large) No$4.5
3. Beststores AirFit F10 Full Face System - Medium - 63102 - Retail Packaged No$$$$4.4
4. Mirage Quattro Full Face System - Retail Packaged - Large Yes$$$$4.4
5. Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Frame with Cushion (Large) Yes$$$4.2
6. P.R. Amara View Full Face Mask Small - 1090622No$$$3.8
7. Respironics Comfortgel Blue Full Face Flap And Cushion, Large Yes$$3.4
8. Apex Medical Super Light Wizard 220 Full Face Mask - Medium Yes$$$3.3
9. Sleepnet Ascend AirGel Full Face Mask SystemYes$$$$3.3
10. Sleepnet Veraseal2 NIV Vented Full Face Mask - LargeYes$$2.7

How to Choose a Full Face CPAP Mask

Taking a look at all the different full face CPAP masks available, it’s not hard to see that each one brings something unique to the table. These masks can vary greatly in design and function, which means only a select few will be able to satisfy your needs and preferences.

If you’re stumped and confused on which option is the best full face CPAP mask for you, follow these tips to land the right purchase.

  • Structure. The ultimate purpose of a full face CPAP mask is to make sure you won’t have to worry about your mask coming off or moving out of place while you sleep. That said, these mask are often reinforced with unique structural designs that keep them in place on your face as you sleep.

Understanding your needs is essential in figuring out which mask will work best for you. For instance, some masks feature a forehead pad which connects to the upper border of the mask via a column; this presses against the forehead to make sure the mask stays in place. For some, this is a necessary feature for stability. For others, it might not be quite as essential.

Another thing to consider is the way that the straps attach to the mask. Some models feature straps that curve upwards from underneath the eyes, all the way towards the back of the head. Then there are some that are secured in place via a strap that runs through the forehead pad and around the head.

Examine the structure of the mask and try it on first before making a purchase. This will help you determine which structural design will be most secure for you.

  • Comfort. No doubt, having a full mask clinging to your face as you sleep isn’t the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, but there are certain features that are added to these masks to make their use a little less uneasy.

Many of these masks are fitted with cushions that are basically soft borders that make contact with the skin. This part adds some suction to the mask, allowing it to gently stay intact without digging into your skin. Some other masks also feature soft fabric straps that reduce the pressure and friction on the skin for greater comfort.

These features change from mask to mask, and designs vary greatly. Try to examine each option as best as possible and learn more about the materials used for each one to ensure long-term comfort.

  • Sanitation. Microbes, contaminants, and other small particles can easily accumulate on the surfaces of your CPAP mask. If you inhale any of these during sleep, you risk health complications, disease, and further lung compromise.

Choosing a CPAP mask that is easy to sanitize will make it much easier for you, especially in the long run. CPAP masks with too many loose parts, nooks, crannies, and extra added pieces can be very tedious to clean. If you don’t mind spending your time wiping them down and washing each part, however, an elaborate mask shouldn’t be a problem.

Top 3 Best Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews

1. Respironics Amara Full Face Mask 1090227

The Respironics Amara Full Face Mask with Reduced Size Frame from Philips has been called the best full face mask numerous times by countless users because of its snug fit and compact design. But that’s not all it has to offer.

This full face CPAP mask comes equipped with soft fabric straps that cradle the head for a comfortable fit that doesn’t cause friction or pressure on the skin. The mask’s soft cushion feature keeps it from digging into the skin and provides a snug fit around the mouth and nose to keep the mask from moving around during sleep.

With a quiet diffusion vent that discreetly disperses air away from the mask, an easy to operate tubing elbow, and a relatively easy to clean structural design, the Respironics Amara Full Face Mask with Reduced Size Frame is a premium CPAP mask that’s definitely worth the purchase.

2. Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

The Fisher & Paykel Sumplus Full Face Mask Cushion is among the most popular full face CPAP masks. This product boasts one of the most comfortable cushions on the market, keeping the mask in place and reducing pressure on the face for extended hours.

Discreet vents are positioned just below the upper border of the mask, allowing air to quietly pass through without causing much noise or disturbance as you sleep. The simple and straightforward design does not have folds or creases, which makes it ideal for users who want a mask that’s easy to clean.

A single issue with the Fisher & Paykel Sumplus Full Face Mask Cushion is that the provision for the tubing is not universal; this means users might have to purchase a separate adaptor to allow the mask to accommodate tubing attachments from other brands.

3. Beststores AirFit F10 Full Face System

The AirFit F10 Full Face System puts comfort as its top priority, using lightweight materials and ergonomic design to keep the mask in proper place. Users often praise this mask for its barely-there feel, allowing users to enjoy peaceful sleep without the disturbance of a bulky mask keeping them awake throughout the night.

The AirFit F10 Full Face System comes equipped with a unique strap design that curves upwards around the cheeks and cradles the head in the most natural way possible. The only problem with this design is that the straps that cross the cheeks can cause some discomfort, especially for users who have more cheek volume to accommodate. Nonetheless, it can be a very comfortable option for the right users.