10 Most Comfortable CPAP Masks 2018

There’s no doubt that a CPAP machine is a necessary device for achieving disturbance-free sleep for people with apnea. However, the use of these machines does come at a price. To be able to attain the benefits of a CPAP device, a person needs to wear a mask which delivers pressure to the airways to prevent them from collapsing. In many ways, these masks can be uncomfortable. So while the machine does prevent airway collapse, the masks themselves can make it difficult to sleep.

The only answer would be to find the most comfortable CPAP mask to get the best of both worlds. If you’re searching for a comfortable mask, this guide will get you started on the right path.

Top 10 Comfortable CPAP Masks Comparison Chart

PictureNameFull Face/NasalPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFull Face/NasalPriceRating (1-5)
1. Philips Respironics Dreamwear Nasal Mask Frame Medium and SoftwrapsNasal$$4.5
2. Respironics WISP CPAP Mask Wisp - Item Number 1094050EA - with headgear - 1 Each / EachNasal$$4.4
3. Mirage Quattro Full Face System - Retail Packaged - LargeFull Face$$$$4.4
4. Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Frame with CushionFull Face$$$$4.2
5. Philips Respironics Wisp Mask with Fabric Frame and HeadgearNasal$$4.1
6. Drive Medical ComfortFit Deluxe Cushion for Full Face CPAP Mask, MediumFull Face$3.8
7. Sleepnet iQBlue Nasal Mask - 3 Point HeadgearNasal$$$$3.4
8. Apex Medical Mr. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow MaskNasal$$3.2
9. Apex Medical Super Light Wizard 220 Full Face MaskFull Face$$$3.1
10. Sleepnet Veraseal2 NIV Vented Full Face Mask - Extra LargeFull Face$$2.4

To Consider When Choosing a Comfortable CPAP Mask

Several factors can affect the comfort that a CPAP mask provides, but these won’t be immediately apparent when you’re faced with numerous choices. So to help you better understand what to look for, be sure to consider these pointers when making a purchase.

  • Cushions or Pillows. CPAP masks often come equipped with either cushions or pillows. The former is commonly used for full face masks, and the latter are for nasal masks. These features aim to provide a more comfortable CPAP usage experience and prevent the plastic materials of the mask from digging into the skin and causing painful friction.

Commonly, these parts of the mask are detachable and replaceable which gives users greater options when it comes to selecting a cushion or pillow that better suits their preferences.

  • Straps. CPAP masks are commonly kept in place by straps, and these strap designs can vary greatly depending on the type and size of CPAP mask it attaches to. Commonly, full face masks have straps that run from the sides of the mask, under the ears, and then around the back of the head, and then another strap that runs either over the forehead or under the cheeks.

For nasal CPAP mask, straps typically attach to the side of the nasal mask and run around the back of the head. Some variations are available to ensure a more comfortable fit. Often, nasal masks have a single strap over the face that branches out into two straps as it progresses around the back of the head.

  • Fit. Another factor that will determine the comfort you experience when you use your CPAP mask is the fit. Masks can fit over your face through a variety of structural designs.

Full face masks are often the best choice for individuals who feel more comfortable knowing their mask is securely kept in place as they sleep. These masks are also ideal for rough sleepers who move around a lot and for individuals with beards.

Nasal masks can stay in place by way of small nasal inserts that are placed into the nostrils to keep the mask in place and to prevent any leaks. For some, this can be comfortable especially because it doesn’t take up too much of the face region. However, for individuals who feel uneasy sleeping with something in their nose, the full face mask might be a better alternative.

Top 3 Most Comfortable CPAP Mask Reviews

1. Philips Respironics Dreamwear Nasal Mask

Anyone searching for the most comfortable CPAP mask will likely come across the Respironics Dreamwear Nasal Mask Frame as they make a choice. This sleep nasal mask design features a very unique structure that curves up from the nose and secures along the top of the head. A single, discreet strap that wraps behind the head keeps the mask from falling forward as the user sleeps.

The mask’s tubing provision can be found at the top of the structure, which frees the user’s face from any tubes and connections that can be significantly more comfortable. The solid mask structure is durable and robust, ensuring that airway pressure is kept constant even when the user lies on the mask as they move around during sleep.

Sleek, smart, and safe, this lightweight silicone mask is the perfect starting choice if you’re looking for a comfortable mask that provides a barely-there feeling as you sleep.

2. Respironics WISP CPAP Mask Wisp

The CPAP Mask Wisp with Headgear is another lightweight nasal CPAP mask that offers greater suction compared to other nasal masks for a more secure fit. The mask fits over the nose and is secured against the head by a single strap that branches into two as it reaches the ears. These two straps then move around the posterior surface of the head and hold the mask in place as the user sleeps.

The soft cushion of the mask itself keeps any edges from embedding into the skin during sleep and provides a leak-free suction that ensures proper airflow. The only possible problem with this mask is that the straps are fitted with Velcro which might be uncomfortable for side sleepers.

3. Mirage Quattro Full Face System

Some would say that a full face mask isn’t the comfortable CPAP mask choice because of the amount of space it takes However, the Mirage Quattro Full Face System proves that notion to be false. This super secure full face mask features an ultra soft cushion that provides a leak-free suction and a stable cling on the face that doesn’t cause skin irritation.

The mask itself is made from soft silicone that snugly hugs the face without causing pain or discomfort. With two soft fabric straps that run over the lower jaw and the temples, the mask stays in place without the feeling of constricting the head or face. While some users do feel that it takes up a rather large amount of space, the mask guarantees problem-free sleep and consistent airway pressure for better sleep quality.