10 Best Laxative Pills 2018

Struggling with an episode of constipation? As our bodies’ natural method of waste and toxin removal, bowel movements make it possible for a large number of our other bodily functions to power through without a problem. So the inability to achieve healthy, normal bowel movements can take a toll on your overall health and wellness.

Luckily, there’s no need to suffer from that pain and discomfort. These days, different supplements and aids are easily available on the market to help you achieve relief and empty your system of all that unwanted waste.

Before you take a trip to the doctor’s clinic, try checking out our picks for the best laxative pills and resolve that unsettling episode of constipation from the comfort of home.

Top 10 Laxative Pills Comparison Table

PictureNameNatural or SyntheticPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameNatural or SyntheticPriceRating (1-5)
1. DETOX 535 South African Cape Aloe Ferox PillsNatural$$$$4.6
2. Senna 8.6 Mg Natural Vegetable Laxativ 1000 Tablets GenericNatural$$$4.6
3. Perdiem Sennosides Stimulant Laxative PillsNatural$$$4.5
4. Phillips' Caplets, LaxativeNatural$4.5
5. Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative TabletsNatural$$$$$4.4
6. Alophen Enteric Coated Stimulant Laxative PillsSynthetic$$4.4
7. 100% Herbal Laxative CapsulesNatural$$4.4
8. Dulcolax Laxative TabletsSynthetic$$$4.4
9. Equate Maximum Strength Laxative PillsSynthetic$$4.4
10. Ex-Lax Maximum Strength Stimulant Laxative PillsSynthetic$4.4

Natural or Synthetic?

When you check out the different options available, the first distinction you’re likely to notice is that laxative pills are categorized into two major types – natural and synthetic.

Although both of these formulations work to achieve the same end goal – and that is to help encourage healthy bowel movements – the ingredients they use can vary greatly.

Natural laxative pills use a blend of herbs and organic ingredients that make them much less likely to cause side effects. However, they are much less potent and may even fail to present any real benefits for some individuals.

Laxative pills made from synthetic ingredients are a lot more effective as they contain lab-tested components that have the necessary scientific research to prove their efficacy. The trade-off is that these pills often present more side-effects, making things a little more unpleasant for you before they get any better. Nonetheless, they are effective, and may even work better for more chronic cases of constipation.

How Fast Do They Take Effect?

The last thing you would want to deal with is the sudden urge to visit the bathroom at an inconvenient time, so understanding when a laxative pill would most likely take effect should give you a clue as to when you should take it.

For instance, some pills can take as much as 24 hours before they produce any urge. Others can take as little as 3-4 hours. In any case, it’s ideal that you consider your schedule before you pop a constipation aid. Timing your intake will help you anticipate the urge so you don’t get caught off guard in the office or on the routine commute home.

Occasional Constipation vs. Chronic Constipation

While it might not seem possible, some individuals experience constipation for years without resolution. Cases of chronic constipation require much more potent supplements that can regularly be taken over a period to help normalize the body’s internal conditions.

Some supplements for constipation are formulated specifically to assist individuals experiencing long-term difficulties with bowel movements. These can be taken on a regular, everyday schedule until an ideal, healthy, and routine bowel condition is achieved.

For those who experience acute constipation as the result of poor food choices, stress, and other factors, it would be advisable to take constipation aids for occasional episodes. These are designed to give you the results you want within just a short period and don’t need to be taken in multiple doses to achieve desired effects.

Top 3 Best Laxative Pills Reviews

1. DETOX 535

Containing senna – a popular natural herb used to encourage healthy bowel movements – DETOX 535 is one of the mildest yet most effective natural laxative pills available.

The herbal formulation promises to promote healthy, natural, and gentle bowel movements to provide you the comfortable relief that doesn’t stress out your system. The formulation is all natural, boasting a combination of ingredients that’s gluten, dairy, lactose, GMO, and pesticide-free. So for people with specific dietary limitations, it makes a very reasonable choice.

Lastly, the DETOX 535 formulation was developed for occasional constipation, requiring just one or two doses a day to completely resolve an episode. Despite that, however, some users have claimed to leverage the formulation as a chronic constipation aid as it doesn’t present any side effects or long-term dangers, unlike other synthetic formulations.

2. Major Senna Natural Vegetable Laxative Tablets

Using the natural herb senna as its main active ingredient as well, Major Senna Natural Vegetable Tablets are another effective yet gentle formulation against constipation. The supplement was developed to resolve occasional constipation, working between 6-12 hours after a dosage to produce bowel movements.

What makes it such a popular choice among buyers is the fact that it doesn’t present the risk of side-effects or adverse reactions, and it also promises to encourage gentle, gradually intensifying urges that don’t catch you off guard. So you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of confronting a sudden and sharp need to visit the bathroom.

The only downside to these laxative pills from Major is that the time range is pretty wide – between 6 and 12 hours after a dose. It can be hard to schedule your intake to anticipate the effects properly.

3. Perdiem Sennosides Stimulant Laxative Pills

The last on our list of the best laxative pills comes from Perdiem. This all-natural stimulant laxative promises overnight relief, taking as much as 18 hours to produce a reaction. That said, they’re best taken at night, or right at the start of the weekend to guarantee that the urge hits you at a convenient time.

Much like the top two picks on our list, this product also uses senna as its main active herbal ingredient, and this makes it a gentle solution to constipation, creating a gradual increase in the need to release instead of an abrupt and overpowering urge that can often be uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the pills do cause some cramps in the abdomen which can be a hassle for most. Nonetheless, they do get the job done, and the abdominal cramps ease away as soon as the urge is gratified.

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