10 Best Ear Thermometers 2017

Taking temperature via the inner ear is one of the most reliable methods for temperature measurement available. That’s because readings captured inside the ear more closely reflect actual internal body temperature. It’s also much less invasive than other internal temperature taking methods that like rectal and oral, which is why it’s the preferred method for most doctors, health specialists, and patients alike.

In cases when you need to take your temperature at home, the best ear thermometer should make it much easier for you to take accurate measurements to aid your recovery. Find out which ear thermometers come out on top based on our research, and discover the right pick for you with this complete guide.

Top 10 Ear Thermometers Ultimate Table

PictureNameStorage CapacityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameStorage CapacityPriceRating (1-5)
1. FDK FT21 Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer12 readings$$$4.9
2. Healva Digital Medical Infrared Ear Thermometer9 readings$$4.8
3. Simplife Digital Infrared Forehead & Ear Thermometers20 readings$$4.4
4. Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer for BabyUnlimited via the mobile app$$$4.3
5. Digital Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer by Paramed12 readings$$4.3
6. Braun ThermoScan5 IRT6500 Digital Ear Thermometer1 reading$$$$4.3
7. Best Medical Ear Thermometer10 readings$$4.1
8. Pyle Digital Ear Medical Smart Thermometer10 readings$$$3.8
9. Care Touch Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer10 readings$3.5
10. Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer10 readings$3.5

Inner Ear vs. Behind the Ear

When speaking of “ear thermometer,” there are two styles available. The first is the inner ear thermometer, and the second is the behind the ear thermometer. Between the two, the inner ear thermometer has been on the market much longer. They’re often the thermometer of choice in most clinics and hospitals because they’re fast and accurate.

Behind the ear thermometers are fairly new and offer slightly cooler readings because they’re not invasive at all. That is – they don’t enter a cavity like your ear canal, so the readings they provide are superficial.

Nonetheless, behind the ear thermometers can be much more sanitary, especially if you don’t intend to use the device exclusively in a household setting. Then again, while inner ear thermometers do get exposed to some bodily discharge and dirt in the ear, they are much more accurate and provide more reliable readings compared to their behind the ear counterparts.

Reading Storage Capacity

Digital thermometers these days offer you the ability to look back on past readings, and this is important if your specific situation or condition calls for close, round-the-clock monitoring of your vital signs.

For most thermometers, the limit is usually at 20 readings. However, there are others that are capable of storing much more. In some cases, sophisticated thermometers can be monitored via a dedicated application that you can download on your mobile phone.

These mobile apps provide not just storage solutions for previous readings, but also give you insight as to what your readings and temperature trends might mean. These are often more ideal for individuals who want to monitor their temperature for other reasons like anticipating fertility or for in-depth weight loss programs.

Other Temperature Taking Methods

While the ears are a suitable site for at-home temperature taking, some thermometers incorporate other methods for greater versatility. Using another method might be beneficial if there is excessive wax build-up or if you have an inner ear infection.

Most commonly, ear thermometers incorporate forehead thermometer functionality. You can also use the forehead function immediately after taking an inner ear reading to check for the consistency of the captured measurements from the ear.

Top 3 Best Ear Thermometer Reviews

1. FDK FT21 Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer

The FDK FT21 Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer is often considered the best ear thermometer by both buyers and experts. This device can be used to take the temperature from both the ears and the forehead.

In terms of speed, the device is quick to provide readings, flashing your results on its backlit screen just seconds after pressing the button. Despite being fast, the FDK FT21 Digital Thermometer is impressively accurate, providing readings that precisely represent internal conditions.

Storage capacity on the device might be a little less than industry standard at just 12 readings. Nonetheless, it is more than enough to help you monitor readings throughout two days of round-the-clock monitoring.

Fast, efficient, and simple, the FDK FT21 Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer is a straightforward device that offers what you need without the guesswork and the error. So even with its slightly steeper price tag, it’s definitely worth the purchase.

2. Healva Digital Medical Infrared Ear Thermometer

Making it to the second spot on our list of the best ear thermometer choices is the Digital Medical Infrared Ear Thermometer from Healva. At a glance, it doesn’t look much like a standard thermometer. But it packs just the right functionality to make it a winner for most buyers.

When it comes to accuracy and speed, there is nothing to complain about with this device. Providing near instant readings, the Healva is often praised for its ability to produce impressively accurate readings, and this is why it has become a highly recommended at-home thermometer as it eliminates the need for users to guess and adjust measurements due to error margins and inaccuracies.

In terms of storage, the device isn’t quite as impressive – and that’s why it ranked second. With a capacity to store up to only nine readings, the Healva Digital Thermometer might require you to jot down readings the old-fashioned way. It’s also worth mentioning that while the small construction is easy to store and keep in tote, it’s not as ergonomic as other choices, making the device quite clumsy to use.

3. Simplife Digital Infrared Thermometer

This thermometer from Simplife sets itself apart by being a non-contact inner ear thermometer, which simply means that it doesn’t need to touch any skin or surface to take a reading. You can confidently use it on different people without worrying about spreading germs.

Operation-wise, the Simplife Thermometer is as easy as it gets. With just two buttons – one for taking readings and another for recalling previous measurements – working the device is straightforward and simple even without the instruction manual.

Why didn’t it make it to a higher spot on our list? Poor after-sales service can make getting assistance a bit of a hassle, and this becomes particularly true if you receive a defective unit.

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