10 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators 2018

Portable oxygen concentrators are a mainstay in the treatment procedures for many different conditions. These machines generate oxygen and deliver it to users via a tube. For the elderly or for people with respiratory disease, these machines are something of an essential and in some instances, need to be used round the clock.

There are many different portable oxygen concentrators available on the market, and they all promise the same thing. Despite this, there are many small differences across each model that could either make or break your satisfaction with your chosen machine. Are you trying to look for the best portable oxygen concentrator? Give yourself top-notch respiratory support by checking out these premium choices.

Top 10 Portable Oxygen Concentrators Table

PictureNameLiters Per MinutePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLiters Per MinutePriceRating (1-5)
1. yuwell YU500 1.0-5.0l/min Portable Homecare Oxygen Bar Machines Portable Travel Oxygen Concentrator1-5$$$4.5
2. SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 3$$$$4.3
3. Zinnor 1L/min—5L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator | 110V/220V Air Purifier Oxygen Generator 1-5$4.2
4. XGREEO XTY-BC101 Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator Air Purifier Oxygen Making Machine 1-5$$$4.0
5. Resperoniics Everflo Oxygen Purifier Concentrator - Filter Air 5$$$3.6
6. XGREEO Portable Oxygen AC 100/220V 50-60HZ Concentrator Air Purifier 1-5$$3.3
7. XTY-AC102 1-3L with 90% 4L 82% 5L 70% high oxygen purity portable oxygen generator air purifier 1-3$3.9
8. XGREEO XTY-AC-301 1-3L 93% Purity Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator 1-3$$$3.9
9. Zadro OXY01 Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar 1-5$$3.0
10. SageTech (TM) Portable Oxygen Bar with Tube Air Flow for Travel & Home Use 1.5$$3.0

Tips for Choosing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

With so many different types of portable oxygen concentrators to choose from, it can be confusing to make a decision. Of course, each one looks like a viable option – but which one really is the best portable oxygen concentrator for you?

There are several features that each one brings to the table, but these three major factors should lead you to a choice that’s really a good fit for your needs.

  • Size. Although each one of the options listed in the chart above is advertised as a ‘portable’ oxygen concentrator, they vary greatly in size. For instance, some of these machines can be a few feet tall, with small caster wheels installed along the bottom to make them easy to move around.

Other portable options can fit in a bag or purse, so users can carry them around and bring their device with them wherever they go. Consider the size you need and determine whether or not you need a portable device that you can bring with you or simply a machine that you can move around with ease.

  • Accessories. Oxygen concentrators come with a variety of accessories and attachments that make them both easy to use and versatile. Some portable options even come with car inverters that you can install to operate your concentrator while in a vehicle.

Sometimes, the availability of accessories will dictate your overall satisfaction with your chosen device. Keep in mind, because some of these items such as the air tube and nasal oxygen cannula or mask need to be regularly replaced, it’s ideal that you choose a model that accommodates universal sizes to eliminate the difficulty of looking for spare parts.

What’s more, certain unique accessories can also make your concentrator more versatile. Spare batteries, alternative power cords, specially designed carrying bags, and other add-ons can greatly affect your overall satisfaction.

  • Continuous Flow vs Pulse Flow. Depending on your prescription, you will need to choose one of these two main types of oxygen concentrators. There isn’t much of a difference in terms of what they do – and that is provide oxygen – but there is a minor discrepancy in how they do it.

A continuous flow oxygen concentrator provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of oxygen from the machine to the user as long as the machine is on. This is the treatment of choice for individuals with difficulties breathing, or during night time oxygen therapy because breathing tends to be too shallow when a person isn’t conscious.

A pulse flow oxygen concentrator only administers oxygen as you inhale, momentarily shutting off as you exhale. They’re often more energy efficient, but also less effective at delivering the same amount of oxygen as continuous flow options do.

Top 3 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

1. yuwell YU500 Portable Travel Oxygen Concentrator

The Yuwell YU500 Portable Homecare Oxygen Bar Machine is possibly the best oxygen concentrator on the market for several good reasons. This high powered machine can provide anywhere between 1 to 5 liters of oxygen per minute, adjustable depending on the user’s preference and need.

The entire unit weighs just 8 kilos, making it one of the lighter options on the list. The device’s body, designed to look like wood, is aesthetically pleasing making it easy to keep the unit anywhere in your home without sacrificing your home design. The Yuwell YU500 Portable Homecare Oxygen Bar Machine also has a real time LCD screen that allows users to easily operate the device without hassle.

2. SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is another popular option on the list, often included as one of the top products in the market. As the second best portable oxygen concentrator, this machine weighs around 18.5 pounds, and features a built-in trolley handle and wheels for easy transport.

The machine is powerful, durable, and reliable, able to sustain years of daily use. It features a sleek, black body that’s slim and easy to stow away in small spaces of your home to easily conceal and hide the unit.

The SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator can produce 3 LPM of oxygen, which makes it a good option for both mild and severe cases of respiratory problems. The only downside is that it can be quite pricey, but for its level of durability, the cost does seem reasonable especially because many users don’t find themselves having to purchase a replacement unit for it.

3. Zinnor Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator

With its intelligent controls, small body, and adaptable settings, the Zinnor Portable Mini Oxygen Concentrator is yet another great bet for those looking for the best oxygen concentrator. This device comes with its own remote control, and weighs just 6 kilos, making it among the lightest available.

Producing less than 35 decibels of noise, it’s also a great choice if you want something that won’t disturb your sleep at night. The Zinnor Portable Mini Oxygen Concentrator also comes packaged with its own car oxygen bar, so you can use the unit in your vehicle with ease and convenience.

The only reason why it didn’t make it to the top of the list is because it doesn’t come packaged with some accessories that certain other products include in their bundle.