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10 Best Burn Creams 2018

Burns – even minor ones – are a serious matter. Not only are they extremely painful, but they can also become infected easily and can leave ugly scars so understanding them and knowing how to deal with them is essential. Burns typically result from contact with hot

10 Best Anti-Itch Creams for Bug Bites 2018

Although generally harmless, bug bites can be irritating, stinging, and to some, even painful. The toxins that bugs inject under our skin when they latch on to us and bite trigger a localized allergic reaction; this is why our body develops wells, redness, and itchiness in response

10 Best Scar Creams for Face 2018

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to get rid of a stubborn blemish on your face, then you’re likely to have left behind a scar. While there really isn’t anything wrong with having a scar or two, having them on your face can take a lot away

10 Best Pain Relief Creams 2018

Got an aching pain that just won’t let up? It’s probably time to use a pain relief cream. Commonly used to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, and other forms of physical body pain, pain relief cream can easily help you soldier through aches and discomfort. This is

10 Best Jock Itch Creams 2018

Scientifically known as tinea cruris, the jock itch is a common skin irritation caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. Characterized by itching, redness, dryness, and the appearance of ring-shaped rashes, this skin condition occurs in people who sweat profusely along the groin and inner thighs. Contrary

10 Best Scar Creams 2018

As a kid, exploring the world around you was probably one of the things you loved the most. Now that you are all grown up, you might still have a few scars from your childhood to prove just how adventurous you were. While these marks on your

10 Best Progesterone Creams 2018

If you’re like any other woman on the planet, it’s possible that you struggle during your periods. This monthly occurrence can change an endless list of things about you – from your mood, to your appearance, and even your weight. Toss in an episode of PMS, and

10 Best Hemorrhoid Creams 2018

If you’ve developed hemorrhoids, you’re probably in a rush to find something to relieve the pain, itching, and discomfort. While there are lots of DIY and home remedies you can try, there’s never a guarantee that they’ll work and with the kind of discomfort that hemorrhoids can

10 Best Anti-Itch Creams 2018

Itching can range from a minor annoyance to a very uncomfortable distraction, but regardless of its intensity, there is only one natural and automatic response to itching – and that is scratching! Itchy skin has a formal, clinical name. It is called Pruritus. But that’s just an

10 Best Yeast Infection Creams 2018

Affecting up to 75% of the entire female population, yeast infections are considered among the most common fungal infections that can happen to a woman. The infection, however, does not exclusively occur in females with up to 15% of males developing it at some point in their