10 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats 2018

If your job or your lifestyle entails long periods of standing, it is likely that you suffer from some sort of body pain. Those who find themselves constantly having to stand on hard surfaces often experience leg and back pain which can significantly affect the quality of life and functionality.

To make those long hours of standing easier on your body, you should consider looking for the best anti-fatigue mat on the market. These mats have become an essential for lots of individuals, effectively reducing pain and discomfort, and allowing longer periods of standing minus the side effects.

Top 10 Anti-Fatigue Mats Comparison Chart

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. ComfortElite Anti Fatigue Mat | 24 x 36 x 3/4 inch | Made in USA SpecificallyPolyurethane foam$$$$4.8
2. Sky Mat, Anti Fatigue Mat, 20 in x 39 in, Black - Standing Desk Mats, Commercial GradeEco-friendly polyurethane$$$$4.8
3. The Original 7/8" AMCOMFY Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat 22x36 In for Kitchens Office Standing Desks and GaragesEco-friendly polyurethane$$4.7
4. NUVA Anti Fatigue Standing Floor Mat 30 x 20 in, 100% PU Comfort ErgonomicPolyurethane$$$4.7
5. Kangaroo Brands The Original 3/4" KANGAROO (TM) Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Comfort MatVinyl$$$4.6
6. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat - 20 in x 39 in x 3/4 in - Ergonomic Multi SurfacePolyurethane$$$4.6
7. NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Designer Comfort Kitchen Floor MatPolyurethane$$4.6
8. AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat - 20x36-Inches, Black Vinyl$$4.5
9. Tenby Living Premium Anti-Fatigue, Kitchen Comfort Mat PVC$$4.4
10. Guardian Air Step Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat, Vinyl, 27"x32", Black Vinyl$4.4

Consider This When Buying an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Not all anti-fatigue mats are made equal. Manufacturers vary their products greatly to be able to cater to different kinds of users. While the great variety ensures that you’ll be sure to find a design that’s perfect for your needs, it also means that you might have to spend some time finding the best anti-fatigue mat that suits your preferences.

Keep these considerations in mind when making a purchase, so you don’t end up bringing home a bad one.

  • Material. Anti-fatigue mats are made of different kinds of materials that supposedly cushion your weight more efficiently than hard surfaces like cement or concrete. A typical anti-fatigue mat should have some ‘bounce’ to it to properly cradle your weight and keep your feet comfortable as you stand.

The most common materials used for anti-fatigue mats are:

    • Rubber
    • Carpet
    • Vinyl
    • Wood

Depending on your preferences, one type of material might work better for you than another. Consider giving each material a try before settling on a purchase.

  • Size. When you perform your work, chores, or duties while standing, do you find yourself walking around a small area of space or do you really just stand in one place? For those who are stationary during tasks, a small anti-fatigue mat should be more than enough to cover the right amount of space needed.

However, if you find the need to walk around now and then, such as if you’re working a reception desk or stove, a larger mat will cover a greater area for you to move around without having to stand on hard surfaces. You can also opt to purchase several mats to cover an even larger area if required.

  • Sanitation. An anti-fatigue mat should be put through routine cleaning now and then.; this is particularly true if you use your mat for tasks that might cause the accumulation of filth, dirt, or grime. For instance, if your anti-fatigue mat is used in the kitchen, you can expect that it will start to smell and stain after some time.

Fabric mats are particularly more difficult to clean because contaminants can become deeply engrained in the fibers of the material. For most individuals who use fabric mats, the best course of action for keeping it clean would be to send it to professional cleaners or to replace it all together.

Solid mats such as wooden and rubber anti-fatigue mats lack the fibers, nooks, and crannies that other mats have. Simply wiping them down with a clean, damp cloth can be good enough to keep them well maintained and sanitized.

Top 3 Best Anti-Fatigue Mat Reviews

1. ComfortElite Anti Fatigue Mat

The ComfortElite Anti-Fatigue Mat has often been praised as the best anti-fatigue mat because of its luxury design and high-quality material, guaranteed for long term use and superior comfort. The mat is made from high-density polyurethane which aptly supports users’ weight for efficient and proper weight distribution.

The mat features a non-trip edge design which ensures safe usage no matter where it’s installed. These mats were also designed to be puncture resistant which is ideal for users who might risk dropping objects like scissors or sharp knives onto their mats.

With a stain resistant surface, the ComfortElite Anti-Fatigue Mat is easy to clean and maintain which helps lengthen its lifespan for long term use. Offering superb comfort and durability, you can expect this top grade mat to retain its original shape, size, and structure even years after its initial use.

2. Sky Mat, Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mats

Made with comfort in mind, the Sky-Mat Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat is uniquely designed to optimize foot and knee position to lessen fatigue. The beveled edges ensure that users won’t have to worry about tripping over the mats no matter where it’s placed.

The simple smooth surface design is easy to clean, without any nooks and crannies that might be susceptible to grime and dirt accumulation. For people who are particularly careful of their carbon footprint, this product is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials that don’t have the same chemical factory odor that other mats might come with.

3. AMCOMFY The Original Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

With a thickness of 8 inches, this anti-fatigue mat is among the softest on the market, making it the ideal choice for individuals who have flat feet or weak knees and legs. The mat is made from eco-friendly, high-density polyurethane foam that absorbs shock and distributes weight across the feet for proper and efficient weight bearing.

The Amcomfy Anti-Fatigue Mat features a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned with a single wipe. The beveled and rounded edges allow the mat to cling closely to the floor so users can effectively reduce the risk of tripping or slipping. As one of the cheapest options on the list, this anti-fatigue mat is definitely a budget friendly option for individuals seeking a pocket-friendly purchase.