10 Best Diabetic Socks 2018

Among the most common side effects of diabetes are foot ulcers and peripheral edema. These problems make it very easy for people with diabetes to injure their feet, causing the development of painful sores and open wounds that can lead to infection and later on, even amputation.

An easy and simple way to keep feet healthy would be to use a diabetic sock. This special kind of sock prevents excessive moisture and promotes proper blood circulation throughout the feet. Because of the important role this product plays in proper health, you should make sure to buy only the best diabetic socks to help you achieve optimal wellness. So how do you make the choice? Follow this comprehensive guide.

Top 10 Diabetic Socks Ultimate Chart

PictureNameLengthPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLengthPriceRating (1-5)
1. USBingoshop 12 Pairs Mens Physicians Approved Crew Diabetic Socks Cotton 10-13Crew$$$4.6
2. PEDS Women's Diabetic Quarter Socks with Non-Binding Top and Cushion 4 Pairs Quarter$$4.4
3. Falari Unisex Diabetic Socks Crew (12 Pairs )Crew$$$4.4
4. Dr. Scholl's Men's 2 Pack Non-Binding Diabetes and Circulatory Crew SocksCrew$$4.3
5. Dr. Scholl's Unisex 2 Pack Diabetes Circulatory Ankle Socks Ankle$4.3
6. White Diabetic Socks, Crew Style, MEN Size 10-13, 1 dozen Pairs Crew$$$$4.3
7. MediPEDS 8 Pack Diabetic Crew Socks with Non-Binding Top Crew$$$$4.2
8. Sierra Socks Health Diabetic Arthritic Cotton Cushioned Sole Women's 3 Pair Pack Crew$$4.1
9. Falari® Diabetic Socks Ankle Unisex 9-11, 10-13, 13-15 Black White 12 Pairs Ankle$$$4.1
10.USA Made Physician's Choice Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pair 10-13 Crew$$4.1

Note: Although some of the options have been branded as either men’s or women’s socks, that does not strictly mean they can’t be used by the opposite sex. Men’s and women’s labels only differ by size. Finding out which size works best for you should allow you to use either men’s or women’s socks to achieve the same results.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Diabetic Socks

You’d be surprised how much there is to consider when it comes to diabetic socks. Of course, some would assume that they’re just socks, but there’s definitely much more to them than that. A good pair of diabetic socks could mean the difference between aptly protected feet and extensive foot injury. So be sure to remember these tips when choosing a pair to get the best diabetic socks for your needs.

  • Size. This is a very important factor when buying diabetic socks because it will determine how well they work to improve circulation. Socks that are too tight threaten to impinge blood flow, and socks that are too loose won’t benefit the user at all.

It’s always much better to decide on the size by actually fitting the available options to determine how they feel on your feet. If you can’t physically examine the socks, select a pair that is at least one inch shorter than your foot for a snug and comfortable fit.

  • Length. Aside from matters of fashion and style, the length of your sock can also help you achieve greater benefits depending on your preference and needs. For instance, a higher cut sock can help reduce edema along your leg which is a common problem for people with more severe cases of diabetes.

Socks come in a variety of lengths with the shortest at the ankle and the longest just underneath the lower border of the knee. Consider your personal situation and perhaps even your style preference to determine which sock length would be ideal for your case.

  • Comfort. Some would say that the comfort of a diabetic sock doesn’t matter simply because most diabetics don’t actually have very strong sensation when it comes to their feet. But socks that take comfort into account also effectively reduce the chances of injury or ulcer development.

Socks with added cushions and padding allow a softer surface for weight bearing. Non-binding diabetic socks, unlike normal elastic socks, don’t dig into the skin and ensure that all areas of the foot are properly supplied with ample blood. These features, while they aren’t technically felt by the user, are highly beneficial for keeping the feet injury free.

Top 3 Best Diabetic Socks Reviews

1. USBingoshop Mens Physicians Approved Crew

These physician approved therapeutic diabetic socks have often been called the best diabetic socks for several reasons. The sock reaches just halfway up the leg, giving the user sufficient protection especially for more advanced cases of diabetes.

The socks are made from 90% cotton, 7% polyester, and 3% elastane which makes for a comfortable fit that doesn’t impinge blood flow by digging into the skin. The cotton also means the sock aptly absorbs excess moisture to prevent the development of fungus and infection.

While they aren’t the cheapest socks on the list, they aren’t that expensive either. This makes them a viable option if you’re in the market for a reliable and long-lasting pair of socks that can help keep your feet protected and injury-free.

2. PEDS Women’s Diabetic Quarter Socks

Made from 58% polyester, 38% coolmax polyester, 3% nylon, and 1% lycra spandex, the MediPEDS Women’s Diabetic Quarter Socks guarantee a snug and comfortable fit that’s designed to securely hug the feet to promote health circulation. The socks feature a soft cushioned sole that protects the feet from too much pressure during standing activities.

The material is highly stretchable and soft, which ensures a comfortable fit even when edema swells to a high degree. Unfortunately, some users find that the seam that connects the toe section to the rest of the sock can cause some problems, especially for people with more advanced cases.

3. Falari Unisex Diabetic Socks Crew

The Falari Unisex Diabetic Crew Socks are a great selection for people who want a sure fire option that will surely work for their needs, especially if they don’t have any specific requirements when it comes to choosing diabetic socks.

These socks are comfortable, snug, and easy to maintain, making them a convenient and easy choice if you don’t want to deal with the intricate details that other socks have to offer. It is important to remember however that these socks come with a loose top design, which means the upper border will not snugly fit around your leg. This leaves room for breathability and comfort, but can also be an issue for some users who want a secure fit.